Friday, September 25, 2015

Keep It Cool

As we enjoy the warm temps this week we take plenty of time to pour, drip, and scoop water in our outside play areas.  Some students experimented with water wheels and others mixed water and sand to make chocolate and cakes.  
Enhancing motor development and coordination we used tongs to pick up blocks in the water table.  Students pretended to surf on the balance boards and attempted some cool spinning maneuvers.

There has been some class discussion about how to make colors like brown and black so we needed to experiment with color mixing.  
Our block area this included many small vehicles and street signs.  Students have created a parking lot, an airport, and Disneyland with the materials.  
PreK kids absolutely love playing games!  Do you have a fun, age appropriate game at home?  We learned how to play Hi-Ho Cherry-O this week.  

See you again next Friday!

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