Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Settling In

The children are learning our routine and feeling confident as they move through the morning.  They have enjoyed the books I've selected for our Circle Time and eagerly 'read' them again during free choice time.  The students are becoming familiar with each other and are remembering their classmates' names.  This is a sweet group of children and new friendships are forming.
Inside the classroom I offered easel painting.  Some of the students opted to paint their paper from top to bottom and side to side, covering their paper with brilliant swipes of red and yellow, while others chose to add a few swipes of color and declared they were 'done'.  Creative art opportunities are primarily about the process of using the tools and medium and less about the final product.  Many of the students focused on mixing the paint colors on the paper (science) and proudly declared that they had made orange!
I supplied dot markers and oversized paper at the writing table.  The children happily hammered, pressed and dragged the markers to create lovely pieces of art.

To support our study of bees, the children painted a cardboard box to be used as a classroom beehive.  Once it dries the children can fly their finger puppet bees in and out of the hive, collecting pollen for honey making and guarding the Queen.

Outside, the children loved the variety of activities Mrs. Ronda set up for them.  Mr Potato Head construction was quite popular, as was hammering golf tees in Styrofoam.  

One enterprising student had difficulty reaching something in the water table, so she used two containers to give herself a boost.  Problem solved!

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