Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This Is How We Roll!

The children dove into our color mixing activities with enthusiasm.  They created 'little blue and little yellow' paintings, finger painted with primary colors and made rainbow cloud jars.
In the Courtyard, a group of girls enjoyed a spontaneous game of Ring around the Rosies.  Their excitement and giggles were contagious!  

Other Courtyard fun included sitting and spinning, balancing on 'spooner boards' and playing with the doll house.
The weather was so hot last week, but the heat did not discourage the children from playing follow the leader over the stepping stones (again and again).  After a few minutes, they sought relief in the shade of the umbrella.
Classroom activities included using magnetic connectors, beading friendship bracelets, building with blocks and using tongs to snag plastic fish in a water tray.

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