Friday, September 11, 2015

Welcome Back from Mrs. Lindsay's Class!

Welcome back to school and welcome to the PreK class!  The first days and weeks of school are the best time to learn expectations and responsibilities.  Think back to your first day at a new job, it was a little confusing at times and uncertain.  Well beginning a new school year can feel the same way to children.   Students wonder where to put their personal belongings, when they get to eat and take bathroom breaks, and how to talk to others in order to get their needs met and their desires fulfilled.  We spend a lot of time practicing how to be responsible in the classroom.  We practice how to clean up spills, how to put away toys, where to store our creative works, how to ask for help, and much much more.  Everyone is becoming familiar with our daily routine and practicing language that I call 'polite' or 'friendly' (rather than labeling it as 'nice.')  We say things like, "May I please have more snack?" and, "Can I play with that when you're all done?"  These are important social skills that build a foundation for your child to feel empowered in the classroom while still being respectful of others.  

In these first weeks of school students have enjoyed caring for the toy babies, running a successful carwash, and making up games in our outside play spaces.  

While inside we've practiced sharing space at the easel with friends, completing puzzles together, and finding activities that we sometimes prefer to do alone.  

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