Friday, October 9, 2015

Highlights from Pre-K

Collage Art~
Students tried their hand at creating a collage and we practiced our focus on the amount of glue being squeezed from the bottle.  We came to the conclusion that the more glue you squeeze, the longer it will take to dry and be ready to take home. 
Dressing up~
It's important for students to practice self-help skills such as putting on their shoes and attempting buttons and snaps.  These "dressing boards" are fun to practice on but attempting with real clothes is always more fun.   And for the times when you just can't seem to get the job done by yourself, we have lots of helpers in PreK looking out for their friends.  

A fine motor activity from the week involves a square of cork board, a pushpin, and paper with a shape (or letter, etc.)  Pinching the pin and following the outline by pressing in creates a lovely effect to allow light through.  Everyone found success in their work. 
Gas station~
It was busy in outside environment with cars zipping around and stopping for gas at the stations.  Unfortunately our gas tanks have lost their pumps and hoses but that doesn't stop us from getting the job done.  Fill'er up!

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