Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Is There a Doctor in the House?

The children enjoyed the dramatic play set up last week.  There were stethoscopes, lab coats, bandages, clip boards and syringes available, and many patients to treat.  They become experts at giving 'shots' and wrapping up broken arms and legs.  Our furry animals were treated with excellent care.

Inside the classroom there were many opportunities to strengthen fingers and perform 'careful' work.  Lining up our counting bears, assembling unifix cube towers and constructing a chain reaction with dominoes requires sustained focus and persistence.  
Music with Miss Danielle continues to be an exciting time.

The Thursday class had the opportunity to create rainbow cloud jars.  I offered the primary colors for the students to use.  Blue was a favorite color of the majority of the students, so their jars looked "stormy, dark and purpley".  One student selected only red and yellow and declared that her jar was "sun shiny".

Mrs. Ronda put out our new goggles in the Courtyard.  Everything looks better through goggles!
The fire fighter dramatic play area in the Courtyard was very popular. 

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