Friday, October 2, 2015

Pre-K in Color

To continue our exploration of colors and color mixing, students tested eyesight through various color paddles.  Some preferred seeing through green or blue and some liked to see a mixture.  They layered the paddles to see how colors mix and change.  

Other inside activities from the week were rubber band boards (this student made a boat with rubber bands) and stamps at the writing center table.  We illustrated our own number books based on a book we read called, "I Wish I Had."  And sometimes we just feel proud of our drawings and creations and we need a photo to document our hard work.  
The constructing toy this week was a set called Mobilos.  Their headquarters are in Sulzberg, Germany and you can learn about this company on the website,
The class enjoys creating vehicles with many wheels and a long, folding ladder on top.  
In our outside environment this week we spent time as superheroes with capes.  We ran, jumped, flew, and climbed the fence.  
Having hats and costumes in the courtyard transformed PreK into a variety of animals and workers.  From elephants to tigers to firefighters the kids were hard at work washing cars and building with Duple blocks.  We have also been loving the game Red Light, Green Light.  Remember playing that as a child? It's still just as fun!

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