Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Preschool to the Rescue!

The children loved donning the blue capes available in the sandbox area.  They ran around the climbing structure, over the stepping stones, through the grass and  into and out of the sandbox, chanting, 'we're super heroes!' again and again and again.  They'd pause for a moment to catch their breath and return to this joyful, exciting game.
Mrs. Ronda put out animal themed hats and tails in the Courtyard.  The children became tigers, elephants, bugs and cats, demonstrating their ability to roar, trumpet and growl.
I also spied a super hero cat at the preschool car wash!
Plastic eggs filled the water tray.  It was a little tricky to find matching halves, but it wasn't long before the students assembled a cache of eggs ready to hatch.

Inside the classroom the children strengthened their fingers by putting pegs in the pegboards.  They created patterns and lines and made colorful peg pictures. They also made 'shape pancakes' matching circles and triangles etc. 

We had our first music class with Miss Danielle.  The children learned some new songs, participated in a 'freeze!' listening song and used shaker eggs to practice rhythm and tempo.  Judging from the songs I heard them sing independently in their play, Little Liza Jane and Allie Galloo Galloo were their favorites.

Little Liza Jane

I know a girl that you don't know.
Little Liza Jane
Way down south in Baltimore.
Little Liza Jane.
Oh! Eliza, Little Liza Jane.
Oh! Eliza, Little Liza Jane.

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