Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I try to be unobtrusive when I photograph the children for this blog.  Often, they turn their head away when they spy my camera.  Last week, they were in a different mood and enjoyed mugging for the camera.  Hooray!
The children partnered up to make spider web art.  They rolled a golf ball through 'spider web juice' (white paint) and created cool looking art.  This activity required co-operation, conversation and large motor skill control.  This artwork made a spooky border on our bulletin board.

I introduced a few new fine motor activities this week.  The children pinched pea sized pieces of play dough and rolled them into tiny balls with the tips of their fingers.  This took lots of concentration, so we'll continue to practice this skill.  The other new activity required the students to push golf tees into styrofoam, then balance jewels on top.  This took a steady hand and lots of encouragement.
Miss Danielle brought resonator bells to our music class.  The children learned to tap the bells gently and to follow her rhythm.  
To round out the post, here are a few shots from outside.

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