Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween Surprise

As part of our Halloween celebration, the children made a fizzy concoction. They added vinegar to baking soda and giggled as the ingredients reacted, forming bubbles that popped and smelled very stinky.  They asked to do it again and again and soon their bowls and trays were awash in bubbles, which just had to be popped!

Pulling seeds out of a sunflower head using tweezers was good practice for strengthening fingers and hands.  Stringing foam beads on a chop stick required strength and persistence as well.  

The Courtyard was awash in all things 'baby'.  The children bathed and fed the babies, taking excellent care of them.  They practiced swaddling the babies in the blankets and loved 'burping' them.  These were the gassiest babies in town. 
I offered a few spider web activities last week (golf ball painting and wrapping yarn around a frame).  Then we needed some spiders in the classroom.  The children did a spider collage.  I offered circles for the body and elongated rectangles for the legs. I encouraged the children to count 8 legs for their spiders.  This was good one to one correspondence practice.  
Smiling Faces!

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