Friday, November 20, 2015

Highlights from the Week of November 9-13...

We are on a new posting schedule for our blog, so from now on the PreK post will be highlighting the previous week's activities.  Here's what we learned, practiced, and played with last week.

Constructing with Marbleworks we learned how to build a strong and stable foundation for the tracks.  Students observed that there were two sizes of marbles being used and the larger size often got stuck on certain track junctions so a helping force was needed to propel the marble on it's way.  

We have been singing "I'm a Little Teapot" and practicing sounds for S, M, P, and T.  Students used scissors, crayons, and glue to make teapot puppets.  This craft helped strengthen fine motor skills and we practice in following multi-step directions.  
Our sensory tub held "cloud dough" which is a mixture of flour and oil.  I don't use exact measurements, just add ingredients until the texture is desired (either more dry and crumbly or more moist and dough-like.)   Using baby oil instead of a cooking oil will also give scented quality to the mixture.   Some students didn't care for the feeling of this while others played with it every morning.  
PreK enjoyed riding bikes, using the sandbox area, and playing hide-and-seek last week.  I love seeing smiles in PreK while students learn through play, it's the best way!

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