Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mobilos, Music and a Mashup of Activities

Mobilos are an open-ended construction set that includes wheels, ladders, cubes and connectors.  This set was available for exploration last week.  For some students, this experience was primarily about learning to use the connectors.  It takes quite a bit of finger and hand strength to connect the pieces.  For the children who've mastered the 'connecting' skill, the design component was the next skill they practiced.  There were vehicles with extension ladders, a race car, an elephant and a scooper mop that scooped everything in sight!

A fun part of music with Miss Danielle is using the egg shakers.  The children follow her lead with various rhythms, tempos and movements.  Surprisingly, it takes quite a bit of self-regulation to follow a slow, quiet tempo.  After this focused effort, the children need to get up and dance to their own beat.
We've been talking about shapes and have practiced drawing them using templates and constructing them using popsicle sticks.  We played a shape bingo game and the children were thrilled to shout BINGO! when they completed their card.  
Fine motor skill practice included lining up wood peg dolls and babies and building with our wooden planks.
Outside, the children practiced their pouring skills with teapots and cups at the water table.  

The dollhouse and furniture was a popular spot for quiet play.

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