Friday, November 6, 2015

Rain, Rain, Please Stay!

How wonderful was our Monday rain shower?! We were thrilled for a day to play in the rain and I appreciate that every student had a rain jacket to protect them.  Although a coat didn't ensure dry clothes all day long, it did mean that a few brave students could stand under a particularly rainy spot where the water was pouring down from a triangle shade.  They told me it was like a shower.  

Then there was a bit of puddle jumping and balancing on slippery Spooner Boards.  The board helps children practice balance as they sit or stand on it then test out maneuvers like rocking or spinning.  Often times it's also a "surfboard" for students as they carry it around under their arm until they reach the "ocean" where they catch waves.  
After a rainy Monday the sun shone brightly on Tuesday and we were hard at work in the sandbox.  
We are learning letters with the Zoophonics program and I divide the alphabet into groups of 4 or 5 letters at a time.  Our first letters are M, F, P, S, and T.  We had fun with a tiger craft to help us remember Timothy Tiger.  The first step was spreading liquid starch on a paper plate then laying squares of tissue paper.  The next step was assembling a time face using paper pieces (precut by me) and glue.  They are grrrreat tigers don't you think?

Our easel was different this week.  Swapping out bristle brushes for these foam brushes allowed students to create stamp style images if they chose.  The new brushes also provide a different feeling on the paper (the foam versus the texture of bristles.) 

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