Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We Give Thanks...

The children learned a Thanksgiving Poem and decorated a card with hand print turkeys  I dutifully provided all of the 'fall' colors, hoping that the children would paint each finger a different color and then paint the palm of their hands brown, to match my vision of a turkey.  One student achieved this!  I held my breath...could it happen?.....then she promptly rubbed her hands together, creating a lovely shade of 'preschool brown'.  The children were pleased with their effort and so was I. 
At this time of the school year, the children have settled in and are comfortable making use of all of the resources in the classroom.  Last week they started with a tray of lizards, snakes and chameleons, and added alphabet blocks and unifix cubes to their construction. There were towers that the 'guard' chameleons were perched on and even a wall composed of unifix cube blocks.  (See the repeating pattern?!)

The puppet show and puppets were super popular this week.  The children adopted the animals' traits, loudly scouring the courtyard for food, drink and shelter.  We discussed new vocabulary, predator and prey, and they all concurred that they were predators
The children plucked rosemary needles from branches I brought in from my garden. They ground them up using our mortar and pestles, creating a lovely aroma in the classroom.  
I moved everything possible out of the way for the students to have enough room to construct elaborate train tracks for their play.  They helped each other customize the track and trains and played contentedly for about 20 minutes.  
Sweet friendships are developing between the students.  These girls each wanted to ride one of the 'big' bikes.  They agreed that they could ride together and happily peddled through the courtyard together.

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