Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We Had a Busy Week!

During music with Miss Danielle, the children enjoyed a new take on a familiar song. 
Jack in the box. Still as a mouse.  Deep down inside his little dark house.
Jack in the box.  Resting so still.  Will he come out?.....yes he will!
Making patterns with beads

Sensory material in the classroom last week. 
1 part liquid starch + 2 parts elmer's glue= stretchy putty
cornstarch + water = ooblick

Outside, the children balanced on spooner boards and walked across the balance beam.  They drove the cars and posed for the camera.

We had a grand adventure on Friday.  I had a small class, so we decided to go to the Sand Park (Emerson Park) and the exercise park.  The children loved the change in routine and wore themselves out with running, climbing, spinning and chasing.

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