Wednesday, December 16, 2015

All Aboard!

Mrs. Ronda put out our cardboard blocks in the Courtyard this week. Because our classrooms are small, we extend our curriculum outside.  Adequate space and lots of material is important for the children to explore building and construction activities.
One student constructed a train made of blocks and invited others to join her.  They discussed their different destinations and happily played for many minutes.
There were many enclosures and castles built with the cardboard blocks and one enterprising student built (and rebuilt) a block wall that he tipped over, causing a ripple effect.  

Ladder Builders
The children learned to connect the ladder builder construction set.  Some students made tall ladders, while others constructed fences and walls.  
Our sensory tray held green sand, rocks and construction vehicles.  The children marveled at the trails they created in the sand and loaded up the dump trucks to move rocks from one area to another.  
Sweet friendships are developing in our classroom.  The children are playing more cooperatively and often invite others to share in their activities.  They're learning social problem solving!
Mugging for the camera

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