Friday, December 18, 2015

Happy Holidays from PreK

PreK students have been talking about trees, lights, decorations, presents, and Santa since the day we returned from Thanksgiving break!  They are thrilled and excited for the holiday season and the chance to sing "Jingle Bells" and watch films like "Frosty the Snowman."  Everyone loved our stocking lacing activity last week and even more exciting was the chance to glue on jewels and glitter for extra pizzazz.  Fine motor skills to lace, squeeze glue, and pinch glitter were strengthened in this activity. 
Our science and sensory activity was a mixture of corn starch and dish soap.  I've read that some teachers call this "bubble dough."  The texture is soft and pliable and students enjoyed rolling "snowballs" with the white dough.  A note if you try this at home~ we didn't use exact measurements; we started with one cup of corn starch and added the soap until the mixture was a desired consistency (not too dry or sticky.) 
We are still enjoying the light table and using these letter jewels to spell names and sort.

Let's jump outside and see the fun that PreK had in the courtyard last week.  Bikes built for two, green sand with trucks, and cardboard blocks for building castles and jails kept students busy.
Lots of digging, burying, and pouring happened in the sandbox area.  

Now let's peak back inside the classroom....
Students beaded candy canes, built "super sleighs for Santa," and discovered the difference in texture inside of sensory balloons.  
PreK is so inventive and creative! It was very impressive to see some students use lizards and snakes from the block area to trace and color with the writing center tools.  Bravo for using classroom materials in new and exciting ways!

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