Friday, December 11, 2015

Spotlight on Monday Students

Wow, we started out the week with joy, enthusiasm, and creative minds.  Here are the many activities of PreK from Monday.  

Outside time was used to experiment with slides.  Watch the progression of the students as they changed the location of the slides and the variety of toys they drove down the slides.  
I introduced the light table and students were happy to practice letters and draw on something new.  Next week we will practice tracing skills.  
The numbers at the easel were intended for counting and matching but one creative student decided to sort them by color too!
Other activities for the day were lacing practice, creative art bubble prints, and building with blocks.  

In the block photo above, the students built one structure, demolished it and sorted blocks by shape, then created a second structure.  

See you next week for more fun in PreK!  

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