Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Activities Inspired by Books

Many of the books I read to the children lend themselves to further exploration through creative art activities.  One of our favorite books this year is Ben Clanton's Mo's Mustache.  Mo is a fashion trend setter who becomes upset when his friends imitate his style.  We watch as he exhibits a range of emotions from excitement to sadness, disappointment to anger, and comes full circle back to excitement. We frequently discuss emotions in our class, so this story resonated with the students.  I found mustache stickers at amazon and knew the children would enjoy donning mustaches just like Mo!
Mix it Up is a color mixing book the students have enjoyed looking at.  I provided paint pallets with the primary colors and finger paint paper.  As the children mixed their paint, they offered names for the new colors like dragon orange, chocolate candy and sunshine.  One student embraced the color mixing to a new level and slathered her arms with 'volcano blue'!
Mrs. Kristi gave us imitation snow for the courtyard sensory table.  This was a new material and texture for the children to explore and they loved driving vehicles through the blizzard as well as sifting the snow through their fingers.
Mr. and Mr. Potato head remains a popular choice for outside play.  The children help each other find shoes and hats, eyes and ears in their quest to create unique heads. There is a lot of social dialogue and this was a positive group activity.
During free choice time in the classroom, block building is always popular as well as dressing up, dancing to Miss Danielle's music and drawing at the chalkboard.  

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