Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Days...

This week we continued our "all about me" theme. We focused on our eyes, nose, mouth. The toddlers were introduced to magnifying glasses and used them to learn about pine cones, gems, safari animals. We also learned the words "larger" and "magnify". We also painted our silhouettes.
In class we also worked hard at connecting chain links and pegs. Some friends were focused on creating pictures that represented light bulbs, birthday cakes, pizza and clocks, while others had the goal of filling the entire board with pegs. The toddlers also enjoyed connecting our letter foam blocks together to make squares to jump on.
Outside we created our own flower arrangements. The toddlers loved delivering the flowers in their cars to friends. We talked about ways to make someone smile and occasions that people receive flowers.
Waffle blocks!
We needed a ton of teamwork to build our castle bridge, boxes, race car and pirate ship. We practiced asking our friends for "help please".

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