Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy New Year!

After the Christmas break, the children returned to school excited to see their friends and investigate the new books and activities that were available in the classroom.
During free exploration of the classroom, the children love to re-read the books that I've presented at group time.  They examine the pictures in detail and discuss the main characters and themes of the stories.
El Nino has finally arrived as evidenced by the boots, jackets and coats the children are wearing.  They find every puddle and attempt to stomp them dry.
With the rainy weather, we've spent more of our morning inside the classroom.  The children enjoyed extended time building with all of the material available...unit blocks, huge popsicle sticks, unifix cubes and wild animals.  It takes more time to clean up, but the creativity and collaboration is definitely worth the effort.  
I added our velcro fruits and vegetables to the kitchen area.  The children spent lots of time slicing the food in halves, thirds and quarters and then re-assembling them.  
Outside play saw good teamwork....helping a friend climb up the slide, fill a five gallon bucket with wet sand, taking turns with the big vehicles and connecting Zoobs.

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