Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Blog Post with No Pictures! by Mrs. Dottie

Somewhere between my classroom and home, I misplaced my camera's memory card.  I usually construct my post on Saturday morning, after returning from the gym.  I curl up on my couch, have a cup of coffee at the ready and look through the pictures I took at school.  Alas, there will be no pictures with this post.

The over arching theme last week was the rainy weather, rain forest animals and some direct instruction in forming shapes and letters.  The children enjoyed using pipettes to drip rainbow colored water on paper towels and construction paper, mixing colors and creating impressive puddles on the table.  They also sorted our small 'pony' beads, red with red, orange with orange, etc.  We made rainbow necklaces with the beads.  Some children followed the rainbow pattern (roy g bv), while others limited their bead selection to their favorite colors.

One of our students gave us rain forest animals as a Giving Tree gift.  I supported the children's interest in some unfamiliar animals with Jan Brett's book The Umbrella and with a vivid rain forest flannel board scene that includes most of the animals from the book.  At first the children placed the animals in familiar places...the alligator in the river and the bats in the trees. Next they opted to have flying anteaters, tapirs in the canopy of the trees and jaguars hanging upside down like the monkeys.  

The children are very interested in writing letters and forming shapes.  We practiced writing on chalkboards and they delighted in using the erasers to say, 'goodbye letter T and goodbye letter S!' 

Stay tuned for next week.  I promise to keep track of the memory card so I can include pictures with my post.

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