Friday, January 29, 2016

Towers and Dreamcatchers

We've been having so much fun in PreK that I have a lot of great photos to share with you today!  First is the progression of our dreamcatcher project.  You will see the one that I have hanging in the classroom, then watch as they students paint, string, and choose beads and feathers to attach.  
I caught a nice moment in the classroom as all the students gathered on the carpet to write, draw, color, and peel stickers.  
During a rainy morning these friends tried to catch water dripping from the shade on the sandbox so they could admit to the "lake" they were building. 
There have been some very cool, very interesting structures built by PreK.  They are testing new ideas by going for balance, symmetry, and height with their creations.  I love their ideas, their teamwork, and their determination to create the visions in their mind.  

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