Friday, January 15, 2016

We're Back!

I hope you all had lovely winter break and found time to relax with your family.  I think we were all rested and ready to get back into the swing of things when school resumed last week.  I knew from the forecast that we would be returning to school with a week of heavy rain, so it was an appropriate time to teach and learn about weather, clouds, and the water cycle.  
We whipped up a storm of fun inside the classroom with creative art activities and a science experiment.  For our art exploration we began by sorting shapes and picking out the "rain drop" shapes.
Next students got to roll a die and count out the corresponding number of drops to use in their rain cloud.  The last step was spreading a mixture of shaving cream and glue on the paper to create the cloud.  
The end results were a glorious array of puffy clouds and falling drops.  
Our science experiment for the week was to mimic the water cycle stage of warm air from the ground meeting cold air in the sky/clouds which formed water droplets on the sides of the vase (the rain).  Although we observed some droplets inside the vases the class was slightly more curious about how fast the ice would melt if it was dumped into the warm water~that's an experiment we'll do have to conduct next!
We read a new library book called "My Pen" by Christopher Myers with incredible pen illustrations.  The story is about all the magic that an imagination and a pen can create.  We used our pens at the writing table to draw self portraits.  It was an exercise in holding a new writing utensil and in self reflection.  Please check them out on our bulletin board this week.  
Finally, what fun is a rainy day (and week) if we don't participate in some puddle stomping?  We had great fun in the rain and we hope to have more wet days this winter.  

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