Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Caps for Sale!

Dress up clothes were available in the Courtyard last week.  From head to toe, the children layered themselves with hats, skirts, vests, necklaces and sunglasses, and teetered on high heels.  
I added reflectors, rubber bands and cylinders to our ramps and balls.  The children have become more purposeful with the placement of the pieces and have become more willing to collaborate on a design.  Sharing the wooden balls is still challenging, so they are getting lots of practice with resolving conflicts.
In honor of Valentine's Day celebrations, the big sensory tray had shiny sand with red glitter. The children had paintbrushes for painting designs in the sand and they used their fingers as well.  As one child formed letters or shapes, others would imitate their work.  The children recognize the first letter of their classmates' names, so I spied many 'A, E, G, J, L, M and R' being formed, as well as letter X...because 'X marks the spot'!
Looking for treasure in the sandbox is a popular past time.  Mrs. Ronda hides shiny beads and coins throughout the play ground area and the children love collecting the treasure.  Often it is buried underneath the sand, but they've also found it hidden in the sandbags, laying on top of the wood chips or floating in the water tray.  One day, the class could not find a single piece of treasure.  They searched high and low, to no avail.  I asked what could have happened to it.  They predicted that some pirates came during the night to take back the treasure and asked me to write a note to the pirates, demanding the return of their treasure. Mysteriously, it returned the next day.  Now, whenever we have trouble finding treasure, the children giggle and say, 'let's write another note to those pirates'!

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