Monday, February 1, 2016

Color Creations

This last week we finished up our all about me theme. We discussed characteristics of a helpful friend and talked about gentle hands and taking responsibility for our own actions. 

We had a fun filled week learning about the rainbow colors that included activities about color sorting and matching. We also started learning about primary colors. We got to experiment with shaving cream, paint and much more. Here are some friends stringing beads onto pipe cleaner. This activity encouraged us to count 1-6.​​​​​​
The toddlers have been practicing team work inside the classroom... Here are some friends building with blocks. This activity took place when one friend wanted to make a farm and the other wanted to add a bridge and a lake.
This week we focused on the letter r- rainbow. We went on a scavenger hunt and searched for all the rainbows in the classroom. After discussing the letter r we learned a new song. Our weather song goes like this:

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