Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The children have strengthened their hands and fingers this year and have become adept at using scissors. They snipped through a blizzard of gigantic snowflakes and cardstock rectangles.  I offered standard scissors as well as 'fancy' ones that produced wavy and zigzag cuts.  My camera caught their focused attention.  
I introduced ooblick (cornstarch and water) to the children.  They dug right in to drip milky strands through their fingers onto trays and into bowls.  This sensory material dries to a powdery consistency and is easily brushed off at the end of the activity.  It's also nice to have Mrs. Ronda clean up the puddles, footprints and splashes that invariably accompanies sensory activities in my classroom.  Thank you!
I rotate the play animals I have in the classroom.  Last week I offered our big wild animals and mid-week brought out the smaller wild animals.  The children formed family groups, used our colored planks to make water holes, grass and cages, and serenaded me with many wild animal sounds.
Courtyard play included jumping and spinning from the low wall to the padded activity mat.  The children expended lots of energy and peels of laughter during this free form play.
The children practiced using our small pipettes to melt shaving cream clouds.  I provided rainbow colored water colors and their work produced technicolor clouds. 

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