Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy Days in PreK!

Last week was full of celebration as we learned about Chinese New Year and shared valentine cards with classmates.  In observance of the Chinese New Year holiday we made red paper lanterns, dragon puppets, and ate oranges for snack time.  We learned symbols and traditions of the holiday like cleaning out your house, wearing red, eating special foods, and we watched a video of a lion dance.  
Everyone has been crazy about hearts this month so there has been a lot of time spent cutting folded hearts.  Also, I moved a bench into the classroom and students have enjoyed a new spot to sit and look at books. 
Other fun February activities were pink play dough, heart pinwork, small counting vehicles added to the block area, and a tracing page.  This work really tested the eye hand coordination as well as providing time to practice holding a marker with a pincer grip.  
PreK loved having dress up clothes outside and they tried on a variety of personas from police officer, mom, firefighter,  princess, to various Star Wars characters.  

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