Friday, February 26, 2016

Inch by Inch

A past student donated a fantastic measuring game to our class called "Inchimals" and PreK has been using pieces to measure all week.  I provided a ruler so they could compare the length of the game pieces with a typical ruler and they were successful in adding the correct lengths.  
On Tuesday during our music time with Mrs. Danielle she introduced a book called, "I Know A Shy Fellow Who Swallowed A Cello" by Barbara Garriel.  In the story the fellow swallows a variety of instruments and Mrs. Danielle had a puppet for students to feed as she read with the class.  
We had two areas to work on fine motor development last week.  One activity was using padlocks and keys.  Students had to manipulate the padlock latch to close it, then match and insert a key to open it again.  This was fun because it's a tool I've shown the class so it was completely new and because it was "real" and not a toy.  There is something intriguing and captivating about being allowed to play with "real" items as a child.  In next week's post you'll see how the class was successful in matching and threading on a nut to a bolt using real metal pieces rather than plastic toy pieces.  
Another we practiced fine motor skills was by snipping individual beads from a necklace strand.  I bought a package of bead necklaces from the dollar store and invited the class to snip them apart. We also put bits of these bead strands in the sandbox area outside and the children call them "treasure."  
Our constructing activity last week was trains and I allowed extra time for students to expand the train track around the entire floor area.  We used vocabulary specific to trains like engine, caboose, cargo, gondola car, diesel, coupler, and derail.  

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