Monday, February 22, 2016

Puzzles, Balls, Egg Shakers Galore

This week we really focused on the number 6. We counted all our friends in the classroom each morning before going outside. We talked about what fingers on our hands make the number six, and said the words, " six looks like a high five, and one pointer finger." 

We have been learning about the letter b. We made the b sound and searched for objects in our classroom that started with the letter b. Ball, balloon, bike, blue and book are some of the words we brainstormed together. After recognizing these words we then searched for b words in books and songs. We sang Baby Beluga and read books about Bouncy Bugs. 

Here are some friends using their pointer finger to trace and paint the letter b in blue paint. We also used our fine motor skills to created balloons on a string. This particular activity we talked about gentle dabbing and how to focus our mind on one part of the paper at a time.
This week we also worked with play dough. We learned how to roll balls and make coils. We also have been introducing scissors into our play dough activity. We will be cutting next week as well.
Here are some friends working very hard on our ocean puzzle. I am quite amazed how quick and precise the toddlers have been putting together the outer border pieces together and then working on the middle pieces.
The toddlers have really enjoyed learning new songs this week. We got to move and groove with egg shakers and parade around the classroom. Our favorite game is taking turns using our egg in a new and different way while our friends copy the movement. 

Outside we practiced team work.
Next week we will be introduced to rhyming words, books, songs and the letter i. 

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