Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ready, Set, Roll!

The classroom set up last week included ramps and balls from Kodo Kids.  We've had this construction/engineering set for three years and it is very popular with the children.  Each group plays with it a bit differently.  This year, some of the students wedged the ramps between the heater cover.  They co-ordinated the release of the balls, testing whose ball would roll the fastest and travel the furthest.  We will continue to explore the ramps and balls with the addition of tubes and reflectors. I incorporate counting in many activities that we do...the children know we start the day with 12 balls, so at the end of the day we count the balls again and invariably have to go on a 'ball hunt' to find the last 2 or 3 wayward balls. 
Mrs. Ronda put out the slides and balance beam in the sandbox area.  The children moved the balance beam from place to place and used team work to build a bridge from the small slide to the big slide.  They helped each other cross the bridge so that no one would land in the 'hot lava'.
Inside the classroom, the children practiced their scissors skills by cutting out many hearts and continued to explore ooblick in the sensory area.
Babies and blankets were available in the Courtyard.  The children learned how to swaddle the babies with the blankets and took them for quick rides on the bikes and fed them with bottles.

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