Friday, February 5, 2016

Sticky, Slimy, Putty

Sensory exploration is important in preschool.  Allowing children to experiment with a variety of tactile mediums is both fascinating and mesmerizing.  Last week students spent time pouring rice through tubes and funnels and burying their hands under heaps of it.  We also mixed up a batch of putty (although this concussion goes by many different names.)  The recipe is 2 parts glue and 1 part liquid starch.  It started in a bowl and students mixed with their hands.  By the end of the week we laid it on trays and used markers to color on it.  
Chat-ching! PreK had a blast "buying" items in the classroom and taking them to a friend at the cash register for purchase.  Next week I will provide real coins for a sorting activity (math skills.)
I hope that you all got a chance to see your child's work on opposites.  I provided pre-cut squares and students had to fold their paper, sort and match pictures, then glue in order.  Everyone was successful.  This activity is helpful for students to learn prepositions and locational language (ex: the blocks are on the shelf, behind the shelf, beside the shelf.) 
 Speaking of blocks, we have loved building with the ramps and cylinders over the last few weeks but it's time to share them with Mrs. Dottie's class.  Here are a few last pics of student creations along with our science discovery tray and some eager artists. 
Have a great weekend!

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