Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We Worked Hard, from Our Fingers to Our Toes!

"Before we put a pencil in a child’s hand and ask him to write, we need to have a foundation of fine motor skills." Amanda Morgan, MS Childhood Development

To practice fine motor skills in the classroom, I offered play dough, (squeeze, roll, press, pinch and poke), chopsticks to pick up pom poms (squeeze and release), rubber bands on blocks (stretching and pulling), paper tearing (pinching and twisting), shape matching blocks (pinch and place) and pegs in the pegboards (pinching and pushing).  The children enjoyed the many opportunities to strengthen their hands, wrists and fingers. 
Play Dough 
Chopstick trays
Rubber Bands on blocks
Paper tearing
Shape matching
Pegs in the peg boards

The Friday group had a raucous time using our stepping stones in a new way.  One student decided to move the stepping stones from one part of the courtyard to another part.  He grabbed the rope, pulling the length of steps behind him.  As he walked by, a friend hopped in one of the steps, and another followed, until the six stones were full, and the string of steps was too heavy for one student to pull any distance,  There was a lively discussion about how many children should pull, how many could stay in the steps and how many should push.   In the end, the children agreed that five children could sit in the steps while two children helped me pull.  Their big muscles and their negotiating skills got a good work out.  

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