Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Leprechaun Mischief at Grandmother's House

Last week, the children were greeted with a classroom in disarray.  There were chairs tipped upside down, our farm animals were scattered over the floor, the numbers on the calendar were mixed up and our furry squirrel was resting on a tree limb, hanging from the ceiling.  The children were aghast with the disorderly classroom.  They continued to mutter (with a smile on their faces), 'those leprechauns did some mischief'!  The upside to this mischief was discovering that the leprechauns had left gold coins hidden around the classroom.  So fun!
To support the discussion of St. Patrick's Day and leprechauns, the children created a lovely paper and glue rainbow.  First, they tore paper into small pieces, a finger, hand and wrist strengthening activity.  Once they had a bowl full of the rainbow colored scraps, they glued them to a large piece of butcher paper.  Some children matched their paper scraps to the colored lines I had drawn, while others glued their scraps free form, declaring 'these are the colored raindrops'!
Mrs. Ronda put out our rainbow colored blocks in the courtyard and the children worked hard building unique structures.  It's nice to have the luxury of space and time to extend block play outside.
Our class followed Mrs. Sarah and Mrs. Lindsay's body drawing activity. The children loved having their body traced and worked diligently decorating their figures.  They used bingo markers and regular markers and enjoyed spreading out on the carpet to work on this big project.  There was some collaboration between students and lots of colorful results.

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