Monday, March 21, 2016

March Madness

This week we talked about the letter t. We explored with telephones, tails and trucks inside the classroom. We also created tracks with paint and trucks.
Here are some friends using tongs to count and separate foam cubes into containers.
We have been reading a lot of Dr Seuss books lately in the toddler room lately. Here are some friends creating their very own wacky wild and imaginative creation with play dough, buttons, pipe cleansers and foam shapes. We all took turns talking about how each creation worked and what is was used for.
Rainy day adventures
We built an awesome fort while the rain came down. We read stories and sang songs and snuggled next to our pretend fire.
Fine motor skills 
We got to use wooden knives to cut the pretend fruit and vegetables into sections. We also got to practice matching, counting and discussions about fractions( looking at one half, one third...

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