Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mobilos, Music & a Mash Up of Activities

The children dove into Mobilo construction last week.  Connecting the parts has become easier as their hands and fingers have become stronger. They are planning different items to construct (ladders, vehicles, machines) and are spending more time evaluating and modifying their designs. This is the third time we've had this construction set available this year and I've seen increasing skill utilizing the pieces.
Music with Miss Danielle remains popular with the children.  Last week she brought resonator bells for the children to use.  They use mallets to tap the bells and are encouraged to tap in rhythm and with a light touch.  It takes quite a bit of focus to do these things simultaneously.
We continue our investigation into symmetry.  I paired the children together to produce a piece of art.  They took turns marking one side of the paper, then watching their partner make the same mark on the other side.  This required lots of dialogue and was a very positive activity.
Waffle blocks are wonderful!  The children worked together to construct a chicken coop, a long sidewalk, a jail and cubes to sit upon.  
Pinwork was popular last week.  The children grasp a short pin and poke holes in a small piece of paper on a cork board.  They hold their paper up to the light to see the light streaming through their pattern of holes.
A trio of girls enjoying a Dr. Seuss book

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