Friday, March 4, 2016

Twist It, Turn It, Sort It

Last week PreK was successful in another practical life activity, threading nuts onto bolts.  They came up with a variety of methods from a simple twist to a spin and an upside down twirl.  
Then students strengthened math reasoning skills through sorting coins. 
Other fine motor development activities were rubber band wrapping around blocks (an idea I borrowed form Mrs. Dottie!), threading laces through pegboard, and squeezing sponges to scrub lemons.  Check back next week to see photos of students pressing lemon juice!
Our creative art last week was also about gaining more control in hands and fingers.  There were spray bottles filled with liquid water color available at the easel.  Students experimented with ways to hold the bottle and press the nozzle.  The resulting paintings were all unique and lovely.
I want to share the book that has been supporting our science inquiry this month, "What's the Matter in Mr. Whiskers' Room?" by Michael Elsohn Ross.  Mr. Whiskers teaches his class about matter and sets up science centers around the classroom so students can experiment with forms of matter.  We had fun copying the students in the book by setting up an ooblek table.  PreK got to scoop cornstarch into their bowl then squeeze water from a mini bottle to make just the right consistency.  This matter is both liquid and solid!

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