Friday, March 25, 2016

We're so Lucky!

We talk about luck on St. Patrick's Day, but the truth is, I feel very lucky to work at Grandmother's House and to have the community of teachers, families, and students here.  Thank you all for your hard work and efforts to make our fundraiser a success. 

PreK had a bit of luck in the classroom last week as we searched for gold in the sensory bins and around the school (inside and outside.)  Students enjoyed finding gold coins and counting out their loot. 
Most of our creative activities for the week were inspired by symbols of St. Patrick's Day.  Students were thrilled to paint their hands (and arms!) green in order to make hand-shamrocks.  
We played a math skills game that involved rolling a die and stamping the corresponding number of circles on a clover printout.  The goal was to be the first person to cover the clover.  Many students have mastered the skill of recognizing numbers on the die without counting dots and it was great practice for everyone. 
How can we find gold without a rainbow?  By ripping and tearing scrap paper we made our very own rainbow.  This was a class activity so all students had an opportunity to contribute here.  *Side note- tearing paper is a fine motor skill that is valuable for children at all stages of development, from toddlers to PreK. 

Another important skill we practiced was sorting by color.  Sorting is very calming and zen-like work for students. 
Finally, we know that rain brings rainbows so the rainforest seemed an appropriate habitat to study.  I put out green felt and our new rainforest animals for the children to build with.  The imagination of a child is endless and wonderful.  They could spend hours with these toys!

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