Monday, April 25, 2016

Children, Children How Does Your Garden Grow?

This week we worked hard on planting our garden. We used rich soil to give our plants plenty of time to grow tall and strong. Some friends chose to plant flowers, while others decided to plant vegetables. We have been watering our garden in the mornings and watching for any changes. We have also been talking about the development of vegetables, fruits and trees.
Building blocks
We measured how tall our friends are with a tape measure against our wall, then we used the words taller and shorter to compare everyone's height. Here are some friends who are building with unifix cubes and chain links to build a tower an equal length as their body. 

Acorns galore
After we collected our acorns from our nature walk we decided to practice using tongs to transfer them from one container to another. We also practiced counting and grouping.
Working at the car wash
Since the weather was so warm this last week we decided to have a car wash! We used sponges to clean every nook and cranny on our coop cars.
Jumping for joy
We have been loving jumping from tables, chairs and walls at school. This activity helps us build gross motor skills, helps us learn patience and team work!

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