Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Classroom Set-Up

I photographed a few of the activity trays that were available for the children.  Before these trays are available for 'free choice' time, I've introduced their use during group time. Most trays are self explanatory, but some need a little instruction.  The children select a tray and bring it to a table or the floor. When they're finished, they return the trays to their 'home'.  
The children pulverized fresh mint with a mortar and pestle. They noticed that the leaves turned dark and wet and our classroom smelled like a pack of gum.
The Mouse Count tray was so popular, I had to have two of them.  The children counted the mice, hid them from the snake, and delighted in pretending to have the snake eat every mouse.
The regular and bingo markers and paper tray gets heavy use.  I vary the type of paper available (order pads, clipboards, paper strips and easel paper) for a variety of writing and drawing experiences.
The Styrofoam, golf tee and jewel tray requires a steady hand for success. The first few times I offered this activity, I included 5 tees and 5 jewels.  This time, I included 10 tees and 10 jewels.  It took persistence to be able to insert and balance all of the items.  
Zoob play was super popular with many of the students.  They have the strength to connect the pieces and are able to construct unique designs.  There were lassos, belts, weapons and leashes made of Zoobs.
These girls often collaborate on drawing activities and I love these pictures of them working together.
You'll see many smiling faces at GHCC!

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