Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Earth Day Clay

To celebrate Earth Day, we planted seeds using different techniques (pictures to come next week) and we played with clay.  The children rolled and pinched, poked and flattened the clay, comparing its'feel' to play dough.  The clay required more muscle strength to change its shape and I heard lots of bathroom words (poop being the popular description of the clay).  Nevertheless, this different sensory experience was popular with the children.
Other inside activities included music with Miss Danielle.  She brought gauzy scarves and the children danced to 'Let it Go!' and also sang Allee GallooGalloo, one of our favorites.
I added shiny stickers to the writing table and 6 children were able to work cooperatively in the small space, commenting on their friends' compositions and letter writing.  Other writing opportunities included chalk on the chalk boards and writing on 'tickets' that a student cut at the scissors station.
Courtyard play included a car wash and the discovery of an inch worm.

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