Wednesday, April 13, 2016

First Week Back from Spring Break

The children went to work with clothespins and big popsicle sticks.  First, they had to use hand strength to squeeze one end open, then clip it onto the stick. They created many letters, but an' amped up' upper case E was the most popular.  Next they connected many sticks together forming interesting shapes.  There were many dragonflies, a robot mama hippo, a rocking hot dog and lots of airplanes.  This open-ended activity provided many minutes of creative play.
The Courtyard was especially fun last week.  Mrs. Ronda put out wild animals and dress up hats and tails.  Playing 'family' is a popular theme with the children, and they try on different roles. I know that I must sound like a broken record to the class, but they've begun to accept that there can be many mommys at play, rather than just one.  They're also more accepting that each child can determine their own role in the play, rather than have the most vocal student dictate roles.  Everyone wants to be important.

First comes the rain, then come the snails.  The children loved playing in the rain on Friday.  They discovered a place under the triangle shade where the water poured down like a fountain.  They jockeyed for position to be able to drink the rain and then let it cascade over them.  It takes two teachers about twenty minutes to help 7 three and four year olds change out of wet clothes into dry ones.

One of my granddaughters found a snail in my backyard and entrusted me to take good care of it.  I brought it to school for observation.  The children loved watching it slime around its home and extend and retract its horns and eye stalks.  Then the snail decided to go on a walkabout. It slimed on to one of my snail books, then hid behind the flannel board.  I think it wanted to escape some curious fingers.

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