Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

Our study of crystals, minerals, and rocks has lead into discussion of our planet and the solar system.  Last week we did a creative activity of golfball painting on paper plates.  This took some coordination as the ball often rolled over the lip of the plate and needed to be tilted just right so that it made it's way back across the plate again. 
 I asked the class what we might do next with our plate Earth and the consensus was to glue it on black paper (which represents outer space.)  I followed their lead and provided star stickers and crayons so they could add the sun, moon, or any other planets.  
With such warm and sunny weather we spent extra time each day playing and working in our outdoor spaces.  In the sandbox area there was water for pouring and dinosaurs that needed bathing.  
There was time for spinning, balancing, and sliding. 
When in the courtyard, students chose to wash cars and set up dollhouses.  It's important to offer this variety of activities as some students prefer quiet spaces to play while others thrive with loud and large play.  

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