Friday, April 15, 2016

Rock On...

Rocks and minerals are fascinating to children (and adults like myself.)  There's something magical and exciting about rocks that really captures the interest of PreK students. In fact many children have brought bits from their personal rock collections to share with the class.  Last week we dove into the subject by learning about where and how rocks and crystals form.  We had a variety of ways to explore rocks;  using magnifying glasses, scooping with hands and spoons, and weighing and comparing them to other materials.  
Another popular area inside was the basket of finger puppets.  Students wiggled ladybugs, stung with bees, and jumped with grasshopper puppets all week.  They also built homes with rocks and discovered that the puppets fit on the ends of our rhythm sticks too!
Other new work areas in the classroom were chalkboards and painting with water, kinetic sand, and an animal and habitat card matching game.
The outside area was full of fun with the option to ride bikes, build with cardboard bricks, or play with wild animals. 
Our water table was very intriguing with containers and lids that needed to be screwed or twisted on and plenty of clear "gems" to fill them with. 
See you again next week for more in the PreK room!

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