Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rulers, Shoes & Cubes

This week we continued working on measuring with rulers. We had a blast measuring classroom materials and even our own shoes! Vocabulary words: longer, shorter, same/equal.
Nature walk
Here are some friends enjoying the sun and searching for leaves, seed pods, flowers and branches. We have been collecting these items to help fill our nature sensory table. Next week we will be talking about flowers, trees and even plant a garden.
We learned how to play the game black out with our sequence for kids game. This game encouraged us to take turns, identify animals and their names, matching, color sorting and much more. 
Since we have been talking about rulers and measuring we he decided to "build our name" in unifix cubes. First we counted how many letters are in our name by placing one cube over each individual letter, then we built horizontally on the table. Next, we built vertically and compared length.

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