Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunny Days and Smiles

This week we continue to explore with rubber bands. Instead of using tubes, we used peg boards to create some awesome designs and patterns. At first the toddlers learned how to pull the rubber band tight, taking the slack out of the band, then they learned to to move the band from peg to peg. It was great to see the progression in the designs. Some friends practiced lines while others made a sun, a planet, and even a face!
Let there be light! 
We had a blast working with the light table this week. We have been focusing on taking turns, using the light table appropriately and managing clean up after we are finished using the table. Here, the toddlers are using buttons to trace their name and letters. 
Vocabulary word: transparent 
Last week we made some amazing marble art. We used a gold ball, cardboard box and paint to make fancy Easter egg art. Some toddlers enjoyed sitting solo in a chair while completing the back and fourth motion, while others paired up and worked as a teeter totter.
Outside we soaked up the sun rays and had fun building with cardboard boxes and hula hoops.

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