Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We're Growing Up!

As I looked at the pictures I took last week, I was struck by the maturing faces I saw. The children are growing taller and their round faces are slimming down.  They've matured in their play and social problem solving as well.  The classroom and outside areas are filled with congenial play, sounds of laughter and friendship, and acts of real compassion. This is a wonderful time of year in our classroom.   
One of my students brought stethoscopes in to share, so I retrieved our bin of doctor/vet supplies to create a doctor's office in the classroom.  The children listened to symptoms and complaints (mostly broken bones and big booboos) and treated the patients with extraordinary care.  They listened to heartbeats, gave numerous shots and wrapped many wounds with bandages.  
Kinetic sand remains a favorite sensory material.  I gave the children beads, spoons, small cups and pipe cleaners and they made many cupcakes, rainbows and snowmen. 
Sometimes it's hard to photograph the children's activities outside.  Chase games are super popular, so many of the pictures I take have been photo 'bombed'  by the 'good guys' running away or by the 'bad guys' in pursuit.  Here are a few of the better shots from last week.

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