Friday, April 8, 2016

X-Ray Vision!

Last week we learned about letter X and used our light table to view x-rays.  I included an x-ray donated by a former student after he broke his arm and a followup one showing the healed bones.  
PreK loves learning about our amazing bodies!  We learned about bones, muscles, lungs, and blood.  Our creative activity was to make our own x-ray with glue and Q-tips. 
By request from a few students, we played with Marbleworks last week.  Students are able to "connect colorful tubes, chutes and bases together in different ways to create an infinite number of raceway configurations. As the marbles speed through the course, children learn about the laws of gravity, object permanence and cause and effect."   Marbleworks is an excellent toy to teach concepts of engineering, math and technology. (
Other fun highlights from the week were dress up clothes, trucks and buses, blocks, and time for quiet reading.  Happy spring everyone! 

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