Friday, May 27, 2016

Ladybugs here and there, Ladybugs are everywhere!

PreK is having a lot of fun with science and life cycles this month.  Our ladybugs have entered the pupa stage and we eagerly await their transformation to adults.  We've learned that ladybugs are several colors other than red and they may have zero spots or lots of spots.  We created our own symmetrical spot paintings using a paper fold method.  This three step activity was to fold the paper in half, place drops of paint on the inside, and refold to spread the dots. Once opened, the students remarked that their picture resembled a butterfly, a train, a foot print and more. 

We also assembled a ladybug craft that hid an illustration of the life cycle.  Students were very creative in adding antenna, legs, eyes, and spots.  
Since we learned that ladybugs are helpful creatures in the garden, I brought worms from my worm composting bin and we learned how they can also help our earth.  We had fun poking through the composted food bits in search of wiggly worms.  
Last of all, here's a peak at PreK when they built a car out of blocks and while they played our favorite game, Go Fish.  

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