Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Let's Dance!

There was a spontaneous dance party in our class this week.  The children had just cleaned up from free choice play and were headed to our group time area when an unseen force called them to the dance floor.  They joined hands, circled the classroom and laughed and giggled as only a three and four year old class can.  I was happy to be able catch a few photos with my camera.
Seriation refers to the ability to sort objects according to characteristics, such as size, color, shape, or type. I see this skill practiced with our different animal groups (i.e. ocean, No. American Wildlife, farm, rain forest, etc.). One student sorted ocean animals who were having 'meetings', grouping like animals together, while another student grouped her small dinosaurs to be the 'Toddler Class' while she was the teacher.  Other children collect and hoard all of a particular animal, their way of.practicing this skill.
We've been practicing identifying and following repeating patterns.  I find that the children respond well to a special name for a pattern.  The green, brown, yellow pattern is called the sunflower pattern.
Waffle Blocks are a popular construction set.  The children fit the pieces together to form long sidewalks or to build tall castles.  We have a fair number of blocks, but to build a really spectacular structure using most (or all) of the blocks, students need to use their best negotiation skills to persuade their classmates to follow their vision. They did a wonderful job of working together to solve some tricky construction challenges and were delighted with their effort. 
I only got one clear shot of a ziplock green houses. We put a wet cotton ball and a seed in the bag and waited to see the root and stem develop.  The children have really enjoyed our planting activities.  
Munch!  One of our students brought in a venus fly trap to show the class.  One brave student put his finger on the leaf and ZAP!, it gently closed on his finger. 

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